The shop's name was chosen to honour Srimati Radhika, Sri Vrindavan-dham's eternal queen. Our purpose is to bring India’s colourful variety of traditional clothing & items to your homes in Europe.

Radhika Collection’s range includes Gopi Dresses, Kurti Sets, Skirts, Dhotis, Kurtas, Chadars and much more. Also Gopi Candana Tilak, Arati Utensils, Spiritual Books, Tulasi Malas and other items can be found in our online shop. We also take your individual orders and bring them for you!


Gopi Dresses are similar to the famous Indian Saris and can be worn to all occasions. This alternative includes one skirt, one choli (blouse) and one scarf per full set. Often, the different pieces of garment are being offered separately.


This traditional attire is an inherent part of India’s clothing culture for both ladies and gentlemen. Kurtis (long female tops) are generally combined with trousers, leggings or Gopi Skirts. Our Kurti Sets consist of different materials, which ensure a perfect convenient and airy wearing experience. They stand out due to their practical and simultaneously beautiful handle.


The dhoti is the male equivalent to the woman's saree. The traditional garment consists of a long piece of fabric that is knotted at the waist and then looped around the legs like trousers. The kurta, which is the male variant of the kurti, is a long top that is often combined with the dhoti.


All over the world India is known for its unique spiritual philosophy, which manifests its extensive form in different kind of books.

Please choose from a growing selected variety of enlightening books herein - available in English and German language. We also receive individual orders.


This section of different items has been acquired from holy places all over India to ease and inspire your devotional life!

- Arati Set & Bhoga Set for Deytie worship

- Acaman Cups & Spoons

- Conches & Camara Whisks

- Gopi Chandan Tilaka

- Tulasi Kanti & Japa Mala

- Beed Bags & Counters

- And Much More...